The contract to renovate the building hosting the Central African Republic television station has been awarded to Jean Pierre AMOUGOU BELINGA, Cameroonian media mogul and business mogul.

It is the essence of an audience President TOUADERA of the Central African Republic granted to the Chief Executive Officer of the Anecdote Media Group at the Renaissance Presidential Palace Monday, 3 June 2019.

During the audience, President TOUADERA, and AMOUGOU BELINGA discussed the projects the Cameroonian Business Magnet is carrying out in the Central African Republic.
* The renovation and equipment of the Central African radio station, already done
* The renovation and the equipment of the Central African Republic TV station

Concerning the Radio station, though visibly impressed with the renovation and equipment of the radio stattion, President TOUADERA expressed the need to set up transmitters to help extend the coverage of the radio staton to other towns.

Concerning the television project, given that the building constructed in 1972 is in an advanced state of dilapidation and abandonment there is need to renovate the entire building and re equip.

It should be noted that the building was deserted since 2013 , when the rebels took it hostage chasing away media practitioners.
President TOUADERA wants a brand new radio with state of the art studio equipment and offices.
The role of the media in the reconstruction of the the war torn Central African Republic cannot be undermined


Given the advanced state of dilapidation much work has to be done on the abandoned building. “The entire building requires refurbishment
The architect of the project tells this reporter, mentioning in technical terms some of the civil engineering aspects of the rehabilitation.
Commenting on electricity we were told that damaged cables have to be replaced.

As for water, the drainage systems have to be in blocked, new water channels put in place, The walls which have been turned old have to be scrapped, treated against humidity. The old louvers of the building have to be replaced with new ones , as well as the window frames. Much work has to be done at the level of carpentry. The doors have to be dismantled and polished with vanish, same work has to be done on the ceilings, and the keys or locks replaced.

There is much work on tilling, new tiles to replace the old ones. All the walls have to be given a new coat of paint.

R.A, Vision Web

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