The doors of Vision Finance have been flung opened to customers in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital and Douala , the country’s economic capital.

The Yaounde head office is found at pharmacy Sion building, opposite the Central market, a branch office is found in the Messamendongo neighbourhood, meanwhile the lone Douala office is found down town Akwa.

The 1 April 2019 saw opening saw close to half a thousand customers crowding the counters of the category II micro finance company, demanding it’s products and services.
The company, which is owned by Jean Pierre AMOUGOU BELINGA is visibly largely based on customer satisfaction.
Stephanie BOULEMOU, the Director General of Vision Finance says she and her entire team are engaged in the provision of banking and financial services. The stellar customer services and products they are providing to all include amongst others, transactional and savings accounts, debit and credit cards, rock bottom interest rates and the shift toward digital banking.

Customers say they look forward to Vision Finance as a stable , capable, profitable bank owing to the reputation of its proprietor, Jean Pierre AMOUGOU BELINGA, who after flying his flag high in the media sector at home and abroad, is now engaging into the education, banking and finance sectors.

R.A, Vision Web

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