Martin Belinga Eboutou : Final Fareweel, Befitting Burial to a Diplomat, Statesman

The close collaborator of President Biya, former Director of Civil Cabinet of the Presidency was posthumously decorated with the Grand Cordon of Merit, by the Director of Civil Cabinet of the Presidency, Samuel Mvondo Ayollo, personal representative of President Biya

The Saint John Paul II Sanctuary of Nkilzok was Saturday, 8 June 2019 jammed to capacity with state authorities , relatives and friends who came to pay their last respect to Martin Belinga Eboutou, diplomat, statesman, former Director of Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic who dies last 8 may 2019 in Swiss after an illness.

President Paul Biya is represented at the requiem by the Director of Civil Cabinet of the Presidency, Samuel Mvondo Ayollo.
Frank Biya , son of the President of the Republic was also present at the event.

A college of at leat eight Bishops took part in the requiem mass which had as chief celebrant , His Lordship Bishop Christophe Zoa of the Sangmelima diocese. As a sign of communion there were pastors drawn from other denominations.
In his homily, Bishop Christophe Zoa described Belinga Eboutou as a fatherly man, statesman, and fervent Christian, reasons why the man of God said Belinga Eboutou was being celebrated and given a befitting homage.

He raised the issue of the controversy between the decease and the church, clarifying that the controversies were baseless manipulations which were destined to distract opimions from the missions of the Church.
The college of Bishops and Christians prayed for the repose of the soul of the deceased with the pious hope to meet him again during the final resurrection body and soul as the scripture teaches.
Another highpoint of the event is the testimonies given by the children of Belinga Eboutou.
The two testimonies attesting the fatherly qualities Belinga Eboutou visibly moved the all in the church.
The pain of losing a loved one encapsulated the two testimonies.
Elanga Obama, minister of Decentralisation and Local government spoke on the behalf of the people of Zoetele, His words were basically thanks to all who joined in giving Belinga Eboutou a resounding last respect.
Louis Paul Motaze, Minister of Finance, Jacque Fame Ndongo, minister of state for Higher education, Jules Doret Ndongo, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife are amongst others elites of the south region present at the requiem mass.
President Biya in his message of condolence to the bereaved family read by the Senior Divisional Officer of the Dja and Lobo described Belinga Eboutou as one of his close collaborators, referring to him as a diplomat of reference.
Biya was senior to Belinga Eboutou at the Akono seminary near Yaounde, he worked at the Presidency as special adviser to President Biya, chief of state protocol, then as director of Civil Cabinet of the Presidency. Observers say Eboutou has all along remained faithful to his friendship with the Head of State. Reason why we learned the President held him at esteem and had him as one of his closest collaborators.

Hé occupied several ambassadorial positions as a career diplomat including the post of Cameroon’s representative to the UN , where he chaired the Economic and Social Commission the UN, and chaired the UN security council when the US decided to unilaterally unseat President Saddam Hussein of Iraq.
Eboutou we learnt from sources was very influential during his tenure at the Presidency, that he used his different positions especially that of Director of Civil Cabinet to help many senior state servants. Many senior state servants owe their rise in their jobs to him. One of the reasons we learnt accounts for the heavy turn up of state dignitaries at the funeral.
Among the dignatories was Jean Pierre AMOUGOU BELINGA, the Chief Executive Officer of the Anecdote Media Group. The business Magnet and media mogul fondly refers to Belinga Eboutou as a friend. He testifies that indeed Belinga Eboutou was an exceptional statesman.

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