Cancer, a silent killer!

 In Cameroon, figures have gone from 12,000 to more than 15,000 new annual cases, and the WHO estimates that if nothing is done, these numbers will rise to 20,000 by 2035, an increase of about 75% of all cancers currently occurring in Cameroon.

 According to Dr. Etienne Atenguena, an oncologist at the Yaounde General Hospital, women are the most affected population of cancer. As a result, breast cancer remains one of the first most prevalent cancers in Cameroon with more than 3,500 new cases diagnosed in 2018. Monitoring cervical cancer and prostate cancer with 1135 annual cases.

Cancer du sein

There is still a recrudescence of cancers of the digestive tract with the big terror that is cancer of the faith, which is most often linked to infection with the hepatic virus.

These cancers are known for their high prevalence from the age of 50 but in Cameroon, the average age is 42 years for women with breast cancer.


It should be noted that many factors including lifestyle, internal factors (hereditary mutations, hormonal changes, immune system disorders etc …), and environmental factors can also influence or predispose to cancer.

To limit the cancer mortality rate in Cameroon, the World Health Organization recommends avoiding risk factors such as obesity, smoking, heavy drinking, lack of physical activity, insufficient consumption of vegetables and fruits to name just a few.

The condition for curing a cancer is the early diagnosis of the disease because the most difficult factor in the care of a patient is the funding to the extent that the cost of treatment is not to the scope of all scholarships. From diagnosis to the extension assessment the treatment is expensive.

It is therefore essential to strengthen the information resources at the level of the populations and the nursing staff, to set up new diagnostic structures over the territory and to make better use of existing radiotherapy equipment.

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